Is Laravel similar to CodeIgniter?

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  • Is Laravel similar to CodeIgniter?

Is Laravel similar to CodeIgniter?

Laravel and CodeIgniter are two different frameworks, designed for differnet use cases. While CodeIgniter does not facilitate ORM, Laravel allows a web developer to gain the benefit of eloquent object-relational mapping ORM.

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Laravel is a free, open source PHP web application framework, designed for the development of model-view-controller (MVC) web applications. Laravel is modern, dynamic and powerful PHP Framework for web development. Laravel allows you to develop applications which are flexible, user-friendly and clean. If you have knowledge of PHP then this course is easy for you. Some of the features of Laravel are a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar. As of March 2015, Laravel is regarded as one of the most popular PHP frameworks, together with Symfony2, Nette, CodeIgniter, Yii2 and other frameworks. The source code of Laravel is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the terms of MIT License. Taylor Otwell created Laravel as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework, which did not provide certain features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization.

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